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Alicia Sanchez Elementary School

Alicia Sanchez Elementary school is in the Boulder Valley School District, located in Lafayette, Colorado.  This public school serves a diverse student population in grades Kindergarten through Fifth. The school also offers tuition based and free, for qualifying families, preschool classes that have a focus on both academic and developmental learning standards. 

Who was Alicia Sanchez?

Alicia Sanchez, a Latina activist, was a dedicated community advocate who lived in Lafayette and was honored by having our school named after her.  She was recognized as the Boulder County Woman of the Year in 1977 and received the Susan B. Anthony award in 1981.  Alicia Sanchez passed away in 1983 but will always be remembered for the impact she made in so many lives in our community.

More information about Alicia Sanchez from Clinica​'s history webpage which she helped to start in 1977:

 "Alicia Sanchez always had a huge heart.  Back before the     Lafayette/Louisville area had hundreds of doctors and a 99-bed hospital,   back when the area was dotted with commercial farms that hired dozens   of Spanish-speaking migrant workers, Alicia was known as "la medica."   People turned to her when they were sick or hurt and had no money.   Despite being a single mother of seven children, who hadn’t finished high   school and who suffered from Lupus, she always had time to help   someone else. 

 Every week, she loaded her car "Rosie" with the area’s poor and drove to University Hospital in Denver so people could get low-cost care.  She spent days waiting with them, translating and helping them understand test results.  She knew that Lafayette and Louisville desperately needed affordable primary health care."