Our School Garden

    Our school garden is located across the street from the school in a vacant field owned by the school district with water irrigation  provided by the city.  See the Community Garden Website for additional 
    inform​ation about this unique garden located next to our school's garden.

    In 2014, the Kitchen Community donated their time, materials and expertise to help establish our Alicia Sanchez International school garden.

    The planter boxes were expertly installed in a unique design that allows for the students to move around through the garden without damaging the plants.  Our "garden guru," Tim Villard, and his associates have taught staff members and students about planting and created schedules that work within the school year.  

    Teachers bring their classes to the garden for various types of gardening experiences:  
    • planting in the fall to winter over to spring with a light mulch covering;
    • planting in the spring with cold hardy crops that will be ready for harvest before the school year is out;
    • planting in the spring for summer crops to be harvested when students return from summer break, watering, weeding, mulching and composting as necessary.
    Grade level lesson plans that coordinate with our school's IB Program of Inquiry (POI) are being developed .  The garden is also available for unstructured outdoor time for classes to explore and enjoy nature.