Our incredibly supportive community is what sets us apart from other schools.

    Sanchez Family Resource and Learning Center

    This resource and learning center was funded in 2014 to help provide family support as well as after school classes through the Dragon Discovery Program.

    Sanchez Gardens

    The community and school gardens are located across the street from the school in an empty field.  The community garden has 10 plots which fed 20 families in 2014.  The school garden allows students to learn about planting, nurturing, harvesting, and cooking organic vegetables.

    Sanchez Foundation:

    This fund was set up in 2011 to support a high quality community learning and family resource center at our school.  Visit the website for more details on the mission to support the Alicia Sanchez Internation School community.

    Friends of Sanchez

    Flatirons Community Church has partnered with our school to help provide additional support and volunteers for our school.  Visit the FC Friends of Sanchez Team Facebook page for details.